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Our master distiller and owner, Nick, has spent the last 20 years at the forefront of the cocktail bar industry, creating stunning drinks and managing award winning venues such as Hurricane, which was voted by Dale De Groff at number two in the world’s best bars list.

It is this experience in mixology that allowed Nick to successfully turn his hand to distillation, a lot of the skill set needed has been picked up through his experience of carefully pairing flavours together over the years to create inventive cocktail menus.

After an intensive period of study, distillers courses, trial distillations and exams, we made our first batch of Three Wrens in June 2019, and knew we had made something truly special.

gin botanicals
gin distilling

There are three of us involved in the business, all residing in Wrenbury, Cheshire, hence our name! Wrenbury is a beautiful village famous for its fields of Wrens, and can trace its history back to 1100 AD. We pick many of our botanicals from the local area, and our distillery is based locally in the small adjacent village of Cholmondeley.

Surrounded by beautiful woodland and nature, we take inspiration from our surroundings and this is reflected in the spirits we produce. We have our own secret botanical garden within the grounds of a nearby castle, and we are constantly working on growing more organic ingredients that can push our gin to a new level.

In our gins you will find exactly ZERO artificial ingredients. Juniper is at the very heart of each expression and always will be. This is a matter of principal and pride. Our key values are integrity and passion. We firmly believe our customers are looking for authenticity and credibility in the gin brands they look at. We are there to guarantee those promises, and to create exceptional liquids for people to enjoy.

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