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Our Story

Three Wrens was founded by our owner & distiller, Nick, in August 2019 after a long career in the cocktail & spirits industry. Before turning his hand to distilling, Nick was an award winning mixologist and spent the best part of his career developing cocktail recipes, writing innovative drinks menus and pairing flavours together. The unique flavour combinations in our range of gins is a result of his experience, and after an intensive period of study and trials, three wrens was launched from our small woodland distillery in Cheshire, with the gins made by hand in our 50 litre copper pot still named Valerie.

nick wadeson master distiller

Valerie now has a big sister, Jill ‘the still’ which means we can make a little more gin during busy periods when we need to. Jill is a beauty, equipped with a deep vapour basket where we can infuse fresh herbs and florals, and she can produce around 300 bottles per batch. Although our main method of distilling is very traditional, we also employ modern techniques in the development of our flavours such as ultrasonic infusion, which involves running sounds waves through vacuum sealed packs of spirit and botanicals, to assist us in our trials to develop new and exciting products.

gin sills

Based in the heart of Cheshire, one mile form the Shropshire border, the location of our distillery is incredible, and we are lucky to be surrounded by outstanding countryside. Ancient woodlands with up to 50 edible plant varieties of roots, shrubs and flowers, are all within a few minutes walk. We are able to grow our own herbs and flowers to use in the gins we make, and we pick them from planters right outside our doors. We are a small family business, and took the name ‘three wrens’ as a nod to our local village of Wrenbury, known for its picturesque walks and diverse wildlife and plant habitats.

harvesting lemon grass

Honesty & transparency

Alongside provenance, we believe transparency should be a top priority for all gin producers, which is why during our hours of business you can always pop in and see first hand how our gins are made. Our doors will always be open to our customers, and we are never too busy to show people around our distillery, have a chat and give people some honest insight into our processes. Find us here https://threewrensgin.com/contact-us/

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A few months after launching, we were honoured to be awarded a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards, for our apple crumble edition. This was the first competition we had entered and was judged by the UK’s top spirits experts, drinks critics and distillers. A further 3 international gold medals have followed as well as the prestigious ‘Golden Fork’ Award from the Guild of fine food in 2021. The golden fork is awarded to the world’s top 12 food and drink producers out of 14,000 entries from 180 countries across the world. Our Bison Grass gin also scooped UK’s best flavoured gin at the Great British Food Awards 2021, cementing our place as one of the world’s leading flavoured gin producers.

Visiting our Distillery – We always welcome visitors – Learn more here: https://threewrensgin.com/visit-us/

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Our Gins

Juniper is at the very heart of each expression and always will be. This is a matter of principal and pride. Our key values are integrity and passion. We firmly believe our customers are looking for authenticity and credibility in the gin brands they look at. We are there to guarantee those promises, and to create exceptional liquids for people to enjoy – True Cheshire Gin. Our gins are all single shot distilled, meaning unlike many larger gin brands, we never use a concentrate. We have a strong focus on natural ingredients and none of our gins are artificially flavoured.

Our Dry Gin is elegant, sophisticated and easy on the palate with bursts of herbaceous citrus and soft vanilla. Perfect over ice with a slice of pink grapefruit.

gin bottle filling

The apple crumble gin is a world first, and the one that took the longest to develop. Complex on both the nose and the palate, the juniper shines through and is complimented by fresh apple, spices, Demerara and toasted oats. Lovely with elderflower tonic and a slice of fresh apple.

Our raspberry Gin is the worlds first gin to be rested in ex balsamic casks and this process elevates the flavour hugely. We are constantly striving to innovate and create spirits that our customers will love, and other distilleries haven’t thought of yet!

Our Bison Grass Gin is truly unique. The sweetgrass is so rare that it had never been distilled in a gin before. We managed to buy some seeds and grow the grass from scratch, which means we are 100% self sufficient for it. The gin is rich, aromatic and super smooth. The journey of this unique gin is 10 metres from garden to glass.

lime slices

Our Bloody Apricot Gin is made with zero flavouring agents or essences, just 100% natural blood oranges and apricots. We took advantage of Blood Orange season in February of this year and have spent a whole month hand-zesting blood oranges, the smell in the distillery has been incredible! We distil the gin with Juniper, dried blood orange, ginger, sweetgrass, apricot and Coriander seeds. We then take toasted blood orange peel and steep it in the finished gin for a week, to slowly infused and extract the complex citrus flavour and essentials oils that give this such an epic aroma. The gin is then filtered and bottled at 40% abv.

Our Rhubarb Gin is not artificially coloured. The flavour is intense, as we use 5 kilos of real rhubarb in every batch. Delicious with classic tonic or ginger ale and fresh raspberries.

toasting fruit slices

Our rose and lemon verbena gin used handpicked ingredients from the nearby country estate ‘Iscoyd Park’ and is one of our customers favourite gins. The gin has subtle hints of rose alongside citrus notes, and makes an unbelievably refreshing gin and tonic.

Three wrens Key lime pie gin started as an experiment where Nick decide to dissolve Biscoff (his favourite biscuit) in our Spirit overnight. The results were pretty amazing and after distilling with this base, we finish the gin by steeping fresh lime peel for 2 days before filtering. The result is well….exactly like key lime pie!

orange peel

Our exquisite citrus gin has been a labour of love and is an incredibly pure style of gin, featuring rare and exotic fruits you wont find in other gins. Jara lemons take centre stage.

Nick says

“I went searching for the worlds most aromatic citrus fruit and found we could source fresh Jara lemons and Bergamots, the scents of which are both incredible” We process the fresh fruit in-house, hand zesting and drying them, before separately distilling each component of the gin and blending with our juniper distillate at the end. The result is a complex and beautifully smooth gin that will appeal to both purists and everyday gin drinkers.

What’s next?

RUM! We have just launched the world’s first Bison Grass Rum – learn more here!

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