Our number one priority is keeping everyone safe therefore we are putting the following measures in place when our tours re start from 1st August

  • We will be operating our experiences and tours at a significantly reduced capacity and capping guest numbers at a maximum of 20 people for any one session (we can usually seat 50) This will give guests plenty of space to distance themselves from each other.
  • Chairs will be spaced with a minimum of one metre in between them
  • Drink samples will be pre-measured and placed on the tables for guests to serve themselves, along with mixers and individual ice buckets/tongs
  • Sample glasses will be cleared away by staff after guests have left so we do not invade your personal space
  • Our staff numbers are minimal (there are only two of us) and will stay a safe distance from guests at all times
  • Surfaces will be disinfected regularly
  • Hand sanitiser will available for all guests
  • Extra hand washing facilities will be made available in addition to the sink in the WC
  • We have placed two paper towel dispensers in locations that are easy for people to access.