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Barrel Aged Negroni



Very Special Limited Release
Ready to drink cocktail

30% abv

An exclusive release of just 300 bottles, this ready to drink cocktail comprises equal parts of Three Wrens Original Dry Gin, Campari & Sweet Vermouth. After blending, we have patiently rested the Negroni in French Sauternes Oak Casks for six months.

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Serving suggestion

barrel aged negroni serving suggestion

Pour 75ml over ice into an old fashioned glass, add a sliver of fresh orange zest, and sip slowly.

Tasting Notes;
Rich and herbaceous on the nose, sweet to taste at first with dark fruit, toasted orange, light oak and vanilla. Strong, bitter finish with underlying rooty and earthy notes.

Shelf Life – Please keep refrigerated and consume within 3 months for maximum enjoyment

History of the Negroni

The Negroni was invented at Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy, in 1919. Legend has it, that after a dispute with his wife, Count Camillo Negroni visited his favourite bar demanding a strong drink to ease his troubles. The bartender made a riff on the classic Americano cocktail (Sweet vermouth, Campari and soda) and at his customers request, added gin, and omitted the soda water, leaving this short, sharp and now legendary drink for Count Negroni to imbibe. The drink has regained popularity over the last decade, championed for its beautiful simplicity, and is a favourite of bartenders and cocktail aficionados across the world.





Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Morris
Awesome Negroni

OK, so as a big Negroni fan I was sceptical about this, but all three wrens other products we have had have been great. My dear wife bought it as a present and all I can say is that it lasted about three weeks and that was stretching it! The balance was perfect, the strength just right and the aging gave it a depth you don't normally get with Negroni.
All in all, perfetto!


My delivery was very quick and easy. I have tried other pre-mixed Negroni but this has the highest marks. Delightful!

Lorna H
Different, but good different

Having tried other gins from Three Wrens, I wasn’t disappointed. The Negroni was quite bitter tasting at first, probably due to Campari, but after a sip or two tastebuds adjusted and I really enjoyed the other flavours coming through.
Added a strip or two of orange peel as suggested which really enhanced the drink. Nice sipping drink over ice, but also most enjoyable as a longer drink with added tonic.
Service from Three Wrens excellent as expected. Packaging novel, but eco friendly. Protected contents perfectly.
Will continue to purchase this and other gins from Three Wrens.

Katy P
My mom absolutely loved it

My mom absolutely loved it, she said it was the best one she has ever tried! Based on that, I'd recommend it!

Simon Parry
Properly good...

Had been reading and seeing a lot about Negroni's of late, and pretty sure i'd never had one. Have been intrigued to try but lacking the ingredients at home so when this launched it was the perfect opportunity (having already become a fan of their flavoured gins). REALLY like this, easy serve in an old fashioned glass with a large icecube and orange peel and the taste is right up there - strong, sharp & bitter. Will be revisiting when the first bottle is (soon) empty...